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Creative Bravery: Social Media Trends and Projections of 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, a significant shift is underway, backed by compelling data that demands attention. The era of over-sensationalized content, hyper edits, and visual effects has left audiences fatigued and detached. Yet, amidst this exhaustion, in a full circle moment, a new wave is emerging—a craving for authenticity and relatability.


The Rebirth of Real: Influencers Shaping the Landscape


Enter figures like the Korean Vegan, a vegan chef, Drew Walls, a lifestyle content creator and Ali Abdaal a doctor turned one of the world’s most-followed productivity experts. Their unfiltered, day-in-the-life narratives have captivated audiences tired of polished perfection. We’ve also seen British entrepreneur Steven Bartlett make a vlog, ‘Diary of a CEO,’ and people are gravitating towards the raw, behind-the-scenes content that creates a sense of shared experience.


This shift isn't new but rather it's a return to the roots of social media. A decade ago, this candid style dominated platforms. The tide is turning back, and there's a clear thirst for genuine, unscripted content. If you want to ride the wave—consider embracing the authenticity that resonates with your audience.


Navigating the Social Media Seas: Strategic Branding, AI Authenticity, and the Entertainment-Driven ROI Wave in 2024


According to Hootsuite’s Social Media Trends 2024 report, strategic brands are focusing on championing specific social platforms rather than trying to be everywhere at once. This shift is a response to the challenge posed by the average social media user logging into about seven platforms each month.


Managing multiple platforms demands tailoring content to unique audiences, trends, and specifications of each platform. The dynamic nature of social media platforms, with constant changes and new features, adds another layer of complexity. Organizations are now prioritizing their efforts based on platform-specific ROI, leading to a willingness to say goodbye to strategies that don't meet their definition of success.


AI is playing a crucial role in redefining authenticity. The mainstream adoption of generative AI in 2022 prompted a surge in interest, with topics related to AI learning experiencing a 550% increase. Social marketers are planning to double their use of AI, recognizing its potential to enhance various activities.


Entertainment emerges as a dominant force driving social media ROI. Beyond staying connected with family and friends, users primarily turn to social media for entertainment and mental relaxation. However, there's a notable disparity between what users want and what brands are delivering. Brands tend to focus on self-promotion, while consumers prefer entertaining content. Brands that prioritize entertaining content are expected to gain more engagement, eyeballs, and eventually market share.


TikTok 2024: Creative Bravery Takes Center Stage


TikTok, the frontier of creativity, is set for a transformation in 2024. The TikTok What's Next 2024 Trend Report, a 45-page playbook, unveils the secrets to success on the platform this year. Beyond the previous year's life hacks and nostalgic tunes, a new era dubbed "Creative Bravery" is dawning.


The Three Pillars of TikTok's Creative Revolution:


  1. Curiosity Peaked Storytelling: Igniting exploration and wonder, this content sparks engagement with topics or products audiences hadn't considered. Expect innovative and attention-grabbing videos that redefine the norm.

  2. Storytelling Unhinged: Breaking free from traditional storytelling, this approach introduces unique and interactive narratives. From starting in the middle to involving audience influence, expect a storytelling revolution that defies conventions.

  3. Bridging the Trust Gap: Prioritizing sincerity and transparency, this trend focuses on fostering authentic relationships with the audience. Trust is the key, as influencers move away from a glossy façade toward relatable authenticity.


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